5 Must Necessary Attributes to organize great party at low budget theme

“Party” in itself is an exciting word that brings cheers on face of people and its actual magic compel everyone to gather at the venue and enjoy amazingly. As much as people enjoy doing party, likewise the preparation of throwing party is also very enjoyable for organizer. Doing good arrangements for your loved ones is always very exciting and happening for you.
Lots of preparation needs to be done to organize a great party in low budget. Among various preparations five necessary attributes to keep in mind are as follows:

Place: Party venue is the main concern for people, if it is easy access to your guests then, they will surely attend your party. One must keep it in mind that venue’s ambiance should be good and enjoyable that cheers the party mood of your guests. The place must have nice sitting arrangements that give good comfort to your guests.

Party theme: Theme parties always make the party interesting for the guests & get engaged in lots of activities of the theme party. Apart from theme activities, guests also get dressed according to the theme to come to the party.

Food & Drink: Food & drink is another very important attribute for your party,  so you must arrange the good food and drinks for your guests. Even if your party is boring, but arrangement of food and drink is good then your guest will have a nice time.

Music: Party is all about  having fun and music plays vital role in making your guests enjoy to the fullest. Dance make people forget their all sorrows and enjoy the music amazingly. So, you must arrange good music for your loved ones.

Fun games: Games add more charm in the party as it is just like a “cherry on the top”. Arrangement of games is a perfect way to windup the party as people loves to enjoy the last moments of party to the fullest.

By arranging all these on to the party one can easily make the lavish party enjoyable and your guests will cherish it. And don’t get worried about the budget as it will all get done at affordable prices.

Tips For Planning The Surprise Party

Everyone likes a surprise party. A surprise party is a great way to celebrate any affair or special occasion. But before planning you have to consider few things to make your party a successful event.

  • Make sure for whom you are planning the party, appreciates your sense of humor – chances are that they will like your surprise. Preserving the secret of the surprise party needs careful planning and it should be under the wraps.
  • Take a help of a trusted friend, it give a big help if they are close to the guest of honor. In this way it becomes easy communication through calls or e-mails with your friend and know the where-about of your person for whom the surprise party is being organized. It becomes easier to store party supplies, RSVPs, decorating the venue and so on. Moreover, you can use your friend’s home address to mail the invitations.
  •  Select the location for the party; it can be restaurant or someone’s home, where one can enjoy the party. Keep in mind party location has proper parking place, so the honorable does not see the cars and the surprise is disclosed.
  • When sending the invitation make sure to give clear instructions that the surprise should not be revealed to the guest. Ensure that everyone reaches the party place before the guest of honor arrives
  • Capture each moment with surprise photographs, for beautiful memorizes.
  • Getting the honoree in the party, needs a planning. Plan to do something you usually do, so nothing looks different to the guest.

Enjoy the party and have fun with everyone. Throwing a surprise party for the guest of honor is the thoughtful gesture. Before planning the party make sure the recipient likes the surprise parties. Otherwise it will be an awkward situation for the honor. Surprise parties can be a great deal of fun. It just takes an effort to plan for success.

Think to Choose Theme of Valentine Party

In this busy life, we all have became so much immersed in our daily work due to which we are not able to keep up with the pace and demands of the life. Valentine’s Day is a special day to express your feeling and emotions to others who has long lost in your busy life. This is a day when you can articulate your deep felt care and love to everyone around us.
By throwing a party you can express your feeling to your loved one. You can make it more delightful by making it a theme based party. As you must know that theme based party makes the whole atmosphere peppier that everyone can enjoys themselves with fun and enthusiasm. Any party requires proper budget along with complete planning of each and every thing, so you can win the appreciation from your loved ones. Pre-planning in advance is important so everyone can enjoy this special occasion.

Valentine’s Day party themes to rock your party
Theme for this party should be different and romantic. Here are some party themes which you can use for your party.

1. Perfect pair theme for couples- you ask the couples to dress up as the famous couples of Hollywood. Decorate the party place with Hollywood couples poster. You can include games like search your love blindfolded, some couple quiz and many more. Declare every couple as perfect couple at the end so on one is hurt and depart them with small and cute Valentine’s Day party favor.

2. Travel back in time- In this everyone should dress up in old traditions manner. The menu should be traditional and treasure hunt like game should be played in this theme.

3. The best costume party pageant theme- This costume party will be like a pageant for the couples. There are many activities you can do in it such as competitions, compatibility test, dressing way and many more every thing should be judged.

4. Opposite attract- In this theme ask couples to dress opposite such as cat and dog, devil and angle and so on. Decoration should be according to the theme like contrast, food also play off each other like hot and cold, crunchy and smooth or sweet and sour. Same should be applied for the game activities.

5. Matchmaker themed Valentine party- in this party help single friend find dates with similar interests. Add some humor and romance to this so the singles do not feel nervous. Decorate the place with fresh flowers and candles this will make your guest comfortable. Include games like couple hunt, paper dance, truth and dare and treasure hunt.

Valentine’s Day party is the time to express the love to other. Consider theme that suit your budget, time and activities and food that your friends and can enjoy. Choose the themes that have lot of activities, dancing, entertainment, games and every one should enjoy them with lots of love.

New Year Party Theme For Every age

New Year countdown has begun & we are only few days away to welcome 2013. In this holiday season New Year celebration party is in everyone’s calendar. Here are some tips on how to throw a great New Year party:-

Party theme for Children
New Year celebration is a fun event for children which create everlasting memories for them. You can choice for different kinds of themes to make your party interesting such as Candy Cane pass, pass the ornament, pin the nose on frosty or Rudolph and many more.

Party Themes for Adults
Right planning is the backbone for every party event. Events/Parties are time to get everyone in holiday spirit and socialize with everyone to create unforgettable memories. Throwing an adult party you need invitation, food & drinks, music party decoration and costume according to the theme.
Wonderful life theme party - Best part of this party is dressing up in 1940s style. Like zoot suit and knickerbockers to knock your partner out of the park etc.
Carole Karaoke night - Either hit up a karaoke bar with private singing rooms or you can make a platform in a home karaoke set, & rock out to the holiday’s best jams.
Costume pub crawl- In this party theme you have to dress up anything related to the eve.

Party themes for old age people
Make the party special for senior citizen that appeal to their interests. The possible themes for senior people are:-
• Baking party- Plans a party where they can bake goodies for loved ones. This is also a great way to bring people together and socialize them.
• A movie festival- Create a movie theater environment to enjoy collection of best movies with popcorn & other interesting food items.

New Year is a time for new hope and possibilities, holiday cheer and family gatherings. Enjoy it with all the fun and make everlasting memories. Your party is not complete without decorating them with creative arts & supplies which can add a special effect to your venue.

It’s Time To Celebrate New Year party With Costumes

The festive mood is in the air and as we all know New Year is just around the corner. Most of us have already started planning on how to celebrate and give a grand welcome to the New Year 2013.
A new beginning of the year is the best reason to celebrate with friends and family.
Themes & Costumes for New Year party- If the party includes right theme, costume, decoration and food then it becomes more interesting and memorable. Here are some most popular New Year Party themes that can make you wear fun outfits.

  • Stylish and refined Cocktail Theme Party- It requires less preparation and the dress code for women is cocktail dress, for men it is crisp suits.
  • Underwater Theme Party- This is absolutely a unique party where the guests have to dress up themselves as mermaids and fishes or other water animals and characters. They wear accessories made of sea shells and underwater flowers.
  •  Disco theme New Year’s Eve party- To add the retro look to your party you can give Disco fancy dress outfit idea to your friends. Try t he ultimate 70s costume.
  •  Red and black Simplest New Year Party- The dress code must be a formal one with the ladies dressing up in red and the men in black. The presence of elegant music makes it a very sophisticated and a classy affair.

One can select several other themes such as Fairytales, Tropical, Wild West, Pirate etc that involve interesting costumes and accessories to add fun in the celebration.

Advance planning of theme party which covers invitation, reservation, catering all add a multiple fun in party celebration. Celebrate together to have a blast.
New Year celebration and joy is a beginning of new cycle of the year, with your family and friends. Unleash the party animal within you by wearing funny & interesting costumes. We hope everyone has a great time in their costumes
So wash away the stress of the last year and bring in happiness for the coming year Have a terrific night……Happy New Year!

Everyone Can Organize Special Party At Affordable Price

Everyone loves attending awesome and special parties where they enjoy drinks, delicious food with loved ones and friends. At some point the thought about celebration slows down our excitement when we think on how to plan it & most important concern the budget.
Be it a family re-union or any festive occasion, we have some easy steps that will smooth the way you plan & organize the special day economically without any hassles.

  • If you have a small house and you plan to accommodate large number of guests then this can stress you with the arrangements. It is better to switch to a garden or party club near your place, to reduce the arrangements burden.
  • Party Venue - Choose a decent venue where everyone can easily reach as for far location mostly guests do not bother attending it. The quality, style and atmosphere of the location can make a big difference to make the day fab. The venue should be able to provide catering and bar services. Parking, ambient lighting and music should also be a part of impressive arrangements.
  • Final your guests list and get ready for sending invitations in advance.
  • Plan your budget – Definitely your budget would depend upon the place where you have planned to organize the party. So think carefully on how much amount you will spend and then go through the rest of the planning, make sure you cost each element to make your day go smooth.
  • Party decorations with quality &economical items –The best option is to contact a well-known party supplies store that can assist you in completing from all minor to major party essentials such as theme based decoration, balloons, ribbon, toys & other accessories.
  • Even if your guests list is disturbing your budget, you can connect to most economical party supplies store in your city that will help you accommodate good arrangement at a budget price.
  • Be it a Baby shower or Birthday celebration, if you hired a right store that supplies with affordable items then it would be your best investment.
  • Invitation ideas - Invites should be attractive but not very expensive. It will better if they are hand made, which should include date, time and venue to avoid confusion.
  • Mouth-watering Food - Every good party prefers authentic & finger licking food that can make audience remember the day. The type of cuisines which you wish to serve is a key consideration and should be according to your guests taste. A few beverages in every party should have are water, juice, coffee and tasty exotic wines.
  •  How can you forget Entertaining your guests – Music, Games, Dance, humorous atmosphere are all important elements of amazing celebrations. Consider your guests and their varying tastes for organizing the music, themes & more.

Make your day a memorable surprise with right planning which will add more charm, enjoyment and fun environment for your guests.

Baby Shower Party Checklist & Decorations Ideas

A Baby shower is the most memorable occasion in a mother-to-be life, so it should be planned carefully to make it interesting for all in the family & relations.
This is a joyful occasion therefore you should organized it with different food dishes, games, drinks, entertainment and beautiful theme based decorations materials. It is a great opportunity for soon-to-become mother and her family to celebrate this special moment in a very exciting way.

Planning for Perfect Baby shower by creating checklist to enjoy it completely

When you have decided the theme for baby shower party, you must consider several essential tips to make your party more memorable and successful. To avoid any inconvenience within the party do not forget to prepare a checklist for the special day.
Invitations - The first and most important thing is Baby Shower Invitations. An invitation card is a very attractive & inspiring way to invite near & dear ones on the occasion. Invitation should carry event date, time and place on them.
Keep the fun & pleasure ON for all – Interactive games & fun activities keep everyone more involved in the party. Addition of exciting games is an excellent idea to keep the party alive and kicking.
Exciting gifts & favors- You may select different tokens to congratulate the winners. Do not forget to include small favors for the guests. Props, prizes, or party favors show a kind gesture for the guest. It is a special way to thank them for coming and spending time with the expectant mother.
• Do not forget to buy a baby shower gift for the mother–to-be.
Plan the Food Menu – Food is the very important part of every event or occasion so preparation of menu should be done a week before including the most delicious & simple dishes.
Create a list of Important things – You should also consider about the menu of the party supplies like plates, cups, spoons and other items that will be used to serve & decorate. There are many party stores from where you can get these disposable party supplies, which features various design on the items based on the selected baby shower theme.
Decoration – Without any theme selection the decoration for this day looks incomplete. Use of balloons, banners, streamers & a few table centerpieces would be enough to accentuate the entire room beauty.
You can even segment the important things in the checklist as per the availability of the listed items. You can categorize the list items that should be ready One week before the occasion (like: Invitations) or right on the Baby Shower day (like: Food & Decoration).

Design & Decorations Ideas for the day

Depending upon the budget and time of the occasion you can chose from different baby shower decoration ideas.
Theme Selection – Now days expecting parents are adopting ideas of decorating their event with modern themes that make use of popular cartoon characters, interesting supplies that set an actual mood to the party.
• If budget is your important consideration then you can opt for inexpensive party decoration materials from party supplies store. You can make use of simple yet cozy creative & interesting items such as toys, flowers.
Using Balloons – Colorful balloons can be a great way to perk up the scene of any party. At the end of these balloons you can also tie small baby items like baby bottles or small soft toys.

Baby shower functions tend to be more heartfelt than other parties. Party At Discount is an online store with great selection of party supplies for Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville customers. We supply items for bridal shower, wedding, anniversaries, birthday and for many other occasions. Great service help you celebrate the big day.

How to plan a Modern bridal shower

If you envision celebrating the lucky bride-to-be day with something unique & make them special, it’s important to plan & organize a Bridal shower party either at a nearby beach or favorite resort that covers games, fun, excitement & most of all exotic food.

Modern Bridal shower are much more different from earlier era bridal showers. As wedding ideas are taking unique approach these days, theme based parties is in trend & are extremely popular among people. Mainly bridal shower is organized by bride’s maid of honor. If it’s a surprise for bride then her family members help them out.

How to start planning for the big day?

Below you can check party ideas & tips that can help you plan a perfect bridal shower party:

  • Guest list- Guest list should be organized referring bride & groom whom they want to invite in the shower. According to that you must find the space to accommodate the guest.


  • How much you want to spend- Do not exceed your expenditure, plan everything within the budget & determine how much you want to spend. Expenses should be discussed openly.

  • Theme for the party- There are lot of themes you can use. Party supplies can make your bridal shower a memorable moment of your life. Decorate your place with striking theme based balloons, ribbons etc items.

  • Invitations – Invitations should be send out at least four weeks before the shower, also include: bride’s and groom’s full name date, time, location in the card. It is also important to consider whether kids are welcome or not.

  • Location for party- It should be easy to locate and accommodate all the needs of the party & decorated according to the theme.


  • Entertainment games
    To make the party memorable, include games in which family and friends will get to know each other. Play music to lighten the mood & allow guests to enjoy immense entertainment.

  • Planning Menu- Plan your menu according to the theme of your party and according to lunch or dinner time.


  • Favors for the guest- Make sure your favor is small but meaningful and tie it in with the theme of your party as best you can. These can be traditional favors such as small boxes of candy. It’s a great ways to appreciate your friends & family support for the beginning of bride’s new life.

  • Gifts for the bride- Excellent gift that go for genres are home decor products and kitchenware, which are useful for the couple for future life.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to create an atmosphere that will allow your guests to have great fun, unforgettable pleasure, and most of all the guest of honor feel loved, that you have done an amazing job them.
Party includes decorating, which is not possible without investing on different party supplies. What if you get quality supplies for your day at reasonable price? Make your party an unforgettable and memorable event with Party At Discount, popular supplier serving for 14 years in Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington cities fulfilling all party needs for every occasion and making them a delightful event.

Balloons Birthday Party Excitement in Kids

As a Kid, I always love balloon party as it creates more happiness & pleasure. Balloon Games can create more fun & let kids enjoy the special moments of life with excitement & joy. Kids of all age group enjoy it.

It quickly engages your kids to play without any difficulty. I have always experienced that Kids party celebrations are always incomplete without balloon decorations.

Balloon never harm children – Being a possessive father, I always give my child only those toys which are simple, interesting & most importantly never harm them. That’s why I choose Balloons.

Sometimes when I get nostalgic, I recall my old memories and find myself surrounded by loads of balloons. I was throwing them, grabbing them, flying them with my friends, & had non-stop fun all time in my birthday party.

Now as the time has changed in today’s period balloon suppliers try to create more pleasure with creative balloons creations that not only amaze kids but also make them learn several things practically.

Encourage theme party for extreme entertainment

Either create amazing creatures in different shapes like a clown, balloon cake to see the immense joy on your child’s face or go for a Disney, Spiderman, Angry Birds or Ben 10 theme balloon party for your son or daughter that matches their interest & dream world. When you decide to throw party for kids plan few games with balloons for them, this will keep them busy. Just candies & toys cannot alone add a magical touch to the big day.

Birthdays are excellent remembrance of our childhood. So this time go for convenient & inexpensive party ideas for your kid’s birthday bash.

The vibrant colors of balloons always attract kids & fascinate young and adults as they create a wonderful atmosphere and memories for life time.

If you are planning to throw party, we Party At Discount supply cups, napkins, theme-based balloons etc to beautify your party. We also offer theme based items for all age group and all occasions.