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       We use QUALATEX Balloons

     Don't settle for less. Ask for Latex Qualatex Balloons.

 Our HiFLOAT last 3Days Guaranteed or More

 Genuine Helium for your Balloons

 99.99 % pure Helium for better lift and longer lasting balloons.
 368_10_Balloons.JPG 368_10_Balloons.JPG   81_Balloon_bouquet.JPG 81_Balloon_bouquet.JPG  366_1+6prnt.JPG   282_Balloons.JPG  

 10 Plain

 10 Plain & HIFLOAT

1Foil+6 Plain

 1Foil+6Plain & HIFLOAT

 1Foil+6Printed  1Foil+6Printed & HIFLOAT  Jumbo+6  Jumbo+6 W/HIFLOAT







 Letter Shaped Balloons
  371_images.jpg  370_images_(2).jpg       

Bring the fun in your party with a bouquet of balloons for any occasion. Let it be Mylar  or Latex  in different colors, shapes and patterns, your celebration will soar with balloons in the air.

We have a large variety of fun Mylar and Latex Character balloons  which are the best in the industry for it's quality and for lasting longer and is always a big hit at Kid's parties. Ask for Ultra High Float treatment for Latex Balloons, so it can last for much longer time.

We highly recommend to keep your bouquet in normal room temperature condition and keep away from stucco ceilings which may pop the latex balloon.

Delivery: We deliver anywhere in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Waterdown or Milton. we can customize your bouquete as per your need so Please call us today to get a competitive price quote and arrange a delivery.

Bags for Transportation: Don't want delivery? no problem. We will put  your bouquet in the transparent plastic bag so it will be easy for you to transport safely in the car.


Please call for all your  need of Party supplies and balloons at 905 3317152.

We Carry All


  • License
  • Pearlised Latex
  • Bubble Mylar
  • Packaged 
  • Latex
  • Festive Latex
  • Double Bubble
  • Weights
  • Mylar
  • Singing Mylar
  • Super Shape